It is clear that agiotage about work in Internet is caused by a considerable quantity of partner programs from “the big” shops. I want to share with you several advices which will help to lift a little your Internet shop over the others.

1. Service our all
I am not tired to repeat that main is an ability to serve correctly the buyer. Competently put speech of the manager, his speed of reaction to the message from the client, an aftersales service, taking into account of wishes – here are primary factors of your future success. At employment test managers as a variant try to order the goods on a site. The competent manager should for 5 minutes incline you to purchase and give informative consultation as much as possible about the goods. If it hasn’t occurred, dismiss the unfortunate seller, differently he will ruin all your undertakings.

2. The big assortment – it is not very good
On the first steams it is not necessary to involve buyers with huge assortment and to try to untwist all positions of shop. Allocate 3-4 commodity positions which you will actively untwist. Write articles, press releases, work with forums and blogs, arrange competitions. Your problem that the created shop associated with these 3-4 goods, and the rest will be tightened then.

3. I hope you have listened to the previous advices and you have “favourite” goods. Now it is necessary to define their audience and on the basis of it to prepare media and contextual advertizing. To lower the advertizing budget is very easy, and to involve effectively target audience is art. Choose 1-2 target segments if you sell T-shirts the basic emphasis do on youth at the age of 16-25 years with own source of the income.
4. The price policy
It is not necessary to try very much to involve the people with cut price. I don’t mean a discount and the action, namely constantly cut prices. The low price can displease competitors and your Internet shop can quite fall ill under next attack. Define the average price on branch and from it count plus-minus of 10 %.

5. If you have the Internet shop, instead of partner program constantly watch goods presence. Otherwise there can be a situation that your manager “has already processed” the client and actually the goods aren’t present. The reputation about your shop will scatter at once on all corners of the Internet.

Having read the given advices, I hope that you can lift the small Internet business which can bring to you means for the subsequent projects. After all it is not necessary to stop on reached, and remember – if your project doesn’t bring in the income, the error was admitted by you and you should correct it.

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