Have you ever heard the phrase “The decisions you make today determine where you will be tomorrow.”? The mind is such an awesome tool. For some reason we believe and follow what and where it tells us. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. A person’s attitude plays a big role in where they end up in life. People with a positive outlook tend to make good things happen in their life. Those with a negative attitude look for the bad in every situation and grumble and gripe because it is that way. A good phrase to keep in mind to deep you on track in thoughts and vocalization is “Positively NO negative!”

So with the attitude then comes the decisions that we make in our lives. It is our decision every day when we get out of bed if we are going to have a good or bad day. God gives us all the same day, but it is up to each of us how we decide to us it. In all honesty, we all have a bad day now and then. But what we do with it is determined by that attitude. This can put to play the phrase, “If life hands you lemons – make some lemonade!” That is just a way of taking a negative factor and making a positive situation out of it.

Making decisions is something that begins as toddlers. We started by deciding which food we did or did not like. We decided which toys we did or did not want to play with on a particular day. As we got to be teenagers, we decided which clothes or hairstyle we did or did not like. Our friends were also our decision – sometimes to our parent’s dismay. As we approached adulthood, decisions became much more important and complex. What to do after graduating from high school? What to pursue as a career or job? Who we want to marry and spend our life with? Where we live and what house we want to buy? How many kids we want and how we are going to discipline and raise them? At the time we are faced with making decisions, we may not consider all the consequences that go along with them. That is a lot of times what makes what we think was a good decision turn into a bad one. Just as good decisions can lead to success, bad ones can ultimately lead to defeat.

When growing up, I can remember kids in school who, if they could not make up their mind about something, would start in with the “eenie meenie miney moe” chant. My kids did that in their younger years too. I haven’t been around a lot of that age of kids for some time, but I am sure that it is still a well-used chant for indecisiveness. As a kid, it is used from picking a certain choice of food to picking who is going to be on your team to play a game. What memories!

As an adult then, many decisions have to be made that can ultimately determine where we end up in life. With much more seriousness, using that famous school yard chant is probably not the best choice for making up your mind about something in adulthood. According to the dictionary, a decision is the determination to follow a course of action. So once a person has determined to do something, they need to stick to it with diligence. There are times that no matter how hard a person strives to accomplish something that it just will not work. That is one of those life ‘lemons’, but with a little sweetener, lemonade can be made if for nothing else than to give us experiences. Many times if people do not see an immediate positive result from a decision, they will automatically think that it was the wrong one.

I have been involved in several direct selling and online business opportunities. None of those worked out because of various reasons, but I did learn several things in the process. I made lemonade out of the lemons! I then knew what I was and was not looking for in an online business, and it has helped me achieve that success I was looking for. One of my requirements was to be on a team that has mentors who offer online training and are available by phone or email if you have problems or questions – and I have found that. My decisions of today are determining where I will be tomorrow. Well, I think I will go have a pop. Diet Coke or Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi? Hmmmmm….eenie meenie miney moe…….decisions, decisions.

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