One problem many Internet marketers face is how to advertise their business online at a budget that can afford. For this reason they will turn to working from home writing articles in an attempt to drive traffic to their website. However this brings up a legitimate question, is article marketing really good article advertising when you work from home?

Let’s analyze that statement little closer!

I personally think Internet marketers would do better if they viewed their article marketing attempts from an advertising point of view. People come online by the millions every day searching for answers to problems they have.

This presents a unique opportunity for Internet businesses to provide this type of information. However many people do not properly research and write the correct style of articles.

You can see this right from the very start by the keywords that they use to target in the article itself. Most Internet marketers do not have an adequate list of keywords to target that a search engine would find relevant for the type of questions a person is searching for answers to.

This may be the most important part of the article because you will never rank well with search engines if you do not target specific keywords. This is even true if you spend a lot of time submitting your articles to various article directories.

In reality you can do just as well submitting your article to some of the top directories only. The exception to this would be if you use a service such as Submit Your Article where you have the opportunity to make each article unique with their patented rewriting software.

To really benefit with working from home writing articles from an advertising point of view you must craft a well-written resource box. You will find resource boxes that offer specific instructions to the reader are the ones that get the most traffic from them.

Therefore it makes no sense to write a long resource box that people will not read. Rather you want a resource box that instructs the reader what you want them to do in the fewest amount of words as possible. is the world’s largest article directory. If you look at the top expert authors in this directory you will find the majority of them have very short resource boxes.

In summary working from home writing articles should be viewed as article advertising. Your whole goal is to drive traffic to your website by targeting the right keyword phrases, include a well-written resource box, and submit it to the right directories.

Note: When you build your article, you want to make sure that you build an article that is attractive to others. Before you make it, you want to remember that building it around your business is always a good idea. For example, if you sell dog collars on your website, then set up an article that it relevant to your work at home business.

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