Back in August I wrote a post about Extreme Telecommuting and I introduced to you Anthony Page, The Working Nomad. He works from wherever his travels take him, which have been some very interesting places to work. As per his last blog post he’s now in Valencia, Spain.

He sells an eBook on his website and I bought it. He claims to be making $10,000 per month and the eBook shows you how to set up the same system for yourself. I’d promised you a review of it, so here it is…

The book is a step by step guide to how to create 5 income producing websites in 20 weeks. One thing I noticed right off was that while the book is very specific as far as the steps you take as well as the time line, Anthony allows for flexibility based on the readers’ experience level and the amount of time they’re willing to put into it.

The first few weeks are dedicated to the planning process. Anthony gives you specific information how to come up with ideas and where to look for inspiration. He also includes a checklist of what should have been accomplished that week.

Starting with week 5, you will start taking steps towards the creation of your websites, starting with selecting a domain name. He walks you through each step of actually creating the site, how to lay it out, etc. It’s definitely geared towards the beginner, but he presents the information in a very easy to grasp way.

“Nomad Mistakes” throughout the book are very helpful. He gives examples of mistakes that he made and why they didn’t work. This feature is something that definitely sets it apart from many other eBooks on similar topics. Not everyone is willing to lay bare their own bone-headed mistakes, but this really is very helpful to the beginner.

Side Note: It just occurred to me that I could write an entire eBook of all of the bone-headed mistakes I made as I was building my business. Hmm…I wonder if there would be a market for that?

Once you work through creating your site, Anthony takes you through the maze of web hosting and directory submission.

The next few chapters deal with site promotion, how to get links to your site and how to use affiliate programs to earn an income with the site.

Once you get your first site done, he walks you through the creation of the other sites– all of which are meant to generate income.

All in all, I feel that this eBook would be very useful to someone with limited or no experience with website creation and promotion. It’s an easy read and Anthony includes helpful resources throughout. The step by step format makes it almost a no-brainer to start work from home.

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