Work from home with classified ads can produce results if you use them correctly. An online classified ad is an ad that you place somewhere on the Internet to promote something.

For example you can place your ad in online directories, online newspapers, search engine directories, website directories, free advertising directories, and many more places.

The more links you have pointing back to your website the better chance you have two increase your Internet business. Therefore work from home with classified ads can be good for your business.

Let’s take a look at six steps to creating work from home with classified ads success.

1. You need a good title. You have heard the saying that if you don’t get read you are dead and this certainly applies to online classified ads.

2. Write a good description. Before a person chooses to read the ad they will read the description and this can be a killer if you do not do it correctly. Try and see things through the eyes of your reader and this will help you write a good description for the product you are promoting.

3. Successful ads all have certain characteristics to them. For example you need an enticing title, an accurate description, good punctuation and grammar, pictures, and pricing if relevant. If you were to compare 2 ads the one that is very precise and offers a clear picture of what you are selling will get the click.

4. What not to do! Limit the number of words and stay on theme. Try and not to confuse your reader or to do to much with your ad.

5. Are free ads worth it or are paid ads better?

This is a good question. You have to consider the additional benefits you get when you upgrade to a pro membership or pay for better placement.

If you find a website you like upgrading may make sense if you keep track of the results you are getting. If they have an affiliate program use it to recruit a few paid members so you get your membership for free.

6. Where to place ads?

There are so many places to place an online classified ads you may need to try some and monitor your results. Here are a few proven winners.




Or you could just type in Google and other search engines “classified ads” or “free classified ads”. This may require you for a little research but it worth your time.

These are 6 steps to work from home with classified ads success. This form of internet advertising can pay off if you do it properly. Be sure and track your ads to see which ones are working and place new ads to replace the ones that are not.

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