Just because you can set your own schedule while you work at home does not mean you should be lazy. You should be careful about the choices you make or you will not be able to bring in a steady income.

This message is for people of all ages. The reason why is because people mature at different ages, and people of all ages have problems with discipline, organization, time management and so on.

What not to Do

One of the most extreme irresponsible behaviors that could keep you from succeeding includes stay up late partying. In the process you may even be drinking all the profits away. Worse yet maybe you are doing too many illegal, harmful, and even prescriptions or over the counter drugs too often.

Yes stress can get to anyone. It may be only natural with maybe a glass or two of wine or perhaps a few beers. Even a cocktail is not likely to hurt you. However, if you do it too often and when you do you binge it can hurt your business.

Another “what not to do” is this: Spending too much money on products, services, hired help, supplies, and miscellaneous materials. This would in fact be relevant to most new business owners.

They might get a little bit in over their head. The enthusiasm is there but the hastiness can result it costly mistakes.

One more major no-no would be to not being disciplined and not meeting all the expectations of your clients. This is the worst thing you can do. Unsatisfactory service results in disgruntled customers, and this leads to a failed business.

If you provide too low of a quality of service you in all probability will NOT make a profit! However, if you are reading this and wondering why you are not making much money right now it is never too late to turn things around.

An additional wrong business behavior is one that is very critical.Being rude, ill-mannered, unruly, or abusive to clients, fellow business partners, or employees is not acceptable. Not only could conducting your self in such an anti-social way be bad for your business, poor interprsonal skills can also cost you your chance to experience financial freedom.

At the worst extreme you could become prosecuted for wrongfully treating your customers. You could also be sued. However, at the very least it will hurt your business just as providing poor service would and you would go under.

You should do the following:

Highlight your best skills. This would show that you have a specialty, and would be much better than over-selling yourself as a person who can do anything.
You should only sign up with one account to access job boards. Doing any differently could ban you from a site thus ban you from further opportunities.
Be careful when using various work at home job board to get a virtual assistant job. If they say not to add your contact information then you should not do so. This is another way that people often get removed from job boards.
As you post a job seeking profile make sure you check it over very carefully. Your spelling and grammar on your resume should be impeccable. You should also be very organized and be creative yet professional when describing your skills and qualifications.
Always follow the instructions for using whichever job board you belong to. This will help you get the most out of the job seeking experience. It will save you from being removed.
Although there are some legitimate bidding sites where you can find virtual assistant work at home jobs be careful. You should be very leery of purchasing too many online subscriptions but rather try to find the jobs for free.

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