Quite a few things may compete with your attention when you work at home. Therefore, it can be hard to stay focused, as you feel pulled in so many different directions.

It could be (God and you love ‘em) your noisy children that is distracting you. Maybe your spouse is annoying you. Maybe the TV in the other room is too loud and it draws you to your favorite programs, or maybe you get one call after another from friends.

Whatever the case may be, you need to learn to find a way to remain concentrated on the business at hand. Whether you are taking a customer call, working on a project, or filing paperwork, you may need to learn how to concentrate-as hard as that can be.

Here are some practical work at home focus tips:

Create an environment at your desk that is conducive to productivity. For instance, you should place what you need at your desk and make a place for everything.
Take things out of your work area that could potentially distract you. For instance, maybe you have certain craft hobbies or video games you like. You may even need to have a separate computer for work in a separate location of the home.
Exit out of all your instant messenger programs when finishing a project that has a rapidly approaching due date. Just remember to check your instant messages once or twice a day in case a client wants to talk to you.
If you need noise to work, one option would be to choose an Internet radio station or to have a CD or MP3 player running in the background. It is better than having the TV on.
Put your cell phone on silent so you can get your personal calls. However, do not answer them during the work day if at all possible.
Stay away from your personal e-mails. Make sure you do not check them until after you have done the work you did for the day.
Schedule free time with your children during the day for maybe an hour or two at a time is helpful. This will help them not feel neglected (and help you not feel so guilty). Yet, you still have the rest of the time to do your work.
Set yourself some “work hours.” Now, you do not necessarily have to make it 9 to 5. Whatever works for you is fine. However, try to remain consistent. Always do your work during specific times.

Some more Thoughts

In the early stage of a business where you’re working at home, you have to develop the habit and discipline to stay consistent and not slack off. Often you have to work harder than people who have a structured job in the beginning.

However, in time you may have more and more freedom. Eventually, you may be able to afford to hire other people to do some of your work for you. At the same time, you would still make money.

However, for now when you work at home you need to temporarily “put your nose to the grindstone” so to speak. This is so you can prepare for a brighter future and a better quality of life.

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