— Export/import of the data (the name of the goods, a position, the price etc.). It must be able to work with base files 1С.

The majority of cursors does not have this system, or have, but is very mediocre made.

— Creation of new positions of the goods by export of a file to base of shop. In a file register IDES of categories, the position name helps very much when it is necessary to fill in many positions quickly, i.e. you fill in at once the goods already in the designed catalog.

— Management directly with 1С

Personally I recommend to use better export and import in manual, or simple to the server 1С to connect the latent network hard disk.

— Automatic (under the schedule) and manual data.

— The functional editor of a content which is quickly loaded is able to work with format MS Office.

— A code optimized under search engines.
All declare that the code at us is optimized, everywhere registers tags. Register, here only why these important menus in the editor at many stand in the end of page instead of in the beginning? It is more convenient to fill them when you see the goods name etc.

— Modular system

— Opened, a maximum half-open code of a cursor.

— Viewing of orders and their status in shop.

— A remote control system of a content.

The manager of a site is … and the poor manager of a site sits filling in hundreds articles, reviews, descriptions which do tens freelancers

You have very fast time of pouring of descriptions, any competent person can be the manager of a content, and copywriters receive quickly reports by results of the work.

Is it difficult to create such system? No. Especially such systems aren’t new, but are applied very seldom.
— Monitoring system behind personnel work

Often there is a question how to supervise work of the manager.
— A private office of the client

The client should see the status of performance of the order in a mode of real time. For it not only the client conveniently, but also you have to accustom for the client to do orders through a site for thereby you unload the poor dispatcher on phone.

— A complaint book. A return call

Very simple services, also are very claimed. The return call is when the client specifies number and when he calls back, it is very convenient to clients which on an intercity call.

— Separate access on users

Well it and so it is clear.

— Support of set of photos, updatings

Many cursors don’t allow to insert more than 1-2 photos to the goods, type insert into the description if it is necessary. Don’t support updating (for example, the red machine, the white machine etc.)

— Creation of language of actions

I will keep silent that many cursors have very simple mode of actions (or at all do not have)

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