WEB-marketing (in English – internet marketing) is a tooling, methods and approaches of a different direction of advertizing in Internet for reception of the response from target audience depending on the problems (purposes) put before a site.
Internet marketing methods concern search advertizing (search optimization of a site, contextual advertizing), banner advertizing, an e-mail marketing (an e-mail advertizing), partner marketing, the virus marketing, the latent marketing, interactive advertizing.
Search optimization of a site (SEO Search engine optimization) – for many sites search engines bring over half of all visitors (that is, potential clients). A necessary condition of it is site presence on the first positions of results of delivery of a search engine by the most popular inquiries. As search results are sorted by relevance of pages, it is necessary to raise a problem of relevance of a code of web pages to the most widespread search inquiries in this or that thematic segment.
Search optimization includes work with a site html-code (the prowriting of tegs “title”, “keywords”, “description”, headings “h” etc.), definition and selection of keywords (formation of a semantic kernel of a site), work with internal references of a resource and a writing of the qualitative text on a site. This work does your site “visible and clear” for visitors.
Contextual advertizing of placing of the text-graphic advertizing materials is near to results of delivery of search engines. Deducing of each advertizing message on a straight line depends on character of search inquiry of the user. Contextual advertizing can look like the text-graphic announcement or an advertizing banner.
At the heart of the mechanism of contextual advertizing lies the principle of keywords. The given principle expresses interrelation of the advertiser with potential clients which search for the goods or services given by this advertiser.
Contextual advertizing, as a rule, causes bigger response of visitors than other kinds of Internet advertizing that is expressed in higher index of efficiency of Internet advertizing. The given kind of advertizing is possibility for the advertiser to inform the advertizing message to the target audience using the Internet. As a rule, contextual advertizing takes place not only in searchers and catalogs but also on so-called sites partners of systems of contextual advertizing.

Banner advertizing or media advertizing placing of text-graphic advertizing materials on the sites represents the original advertizing area. To many signs it is similar to advertizing in printing of mass-media. However, presence at a banner of a hyperlink and possibility of the animated image considerably is expanded with possibilities of influence of this kind of advertizing on the potential consumer. As a rule, media advertizing on the Internet means banner advertizing.
E-mail marketing (an e-mail advertizing) is an e-mail network service allowing users to communicate or documents without application of paper carriers.
Advantages of use of an e-mail to delivery of advertizing messages:

Today e-mail has practically everyone;
It gives the chance the personified, target reference (direct marketing);
The message can be extended among colleagues and acquaintances.

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