In this down economy there are many people who would like to start working from home. There are many ways you can start creating an online income from a couple hundred dollars per month to thousands depending on how much time you have to work. Before you start working from home it is important to understand that you will never have to pay before you start earning money. The majority of websites out there will require you to buy something before you can earn money online, but usually these are scams. The websites which pay are broken down into three categories. The first is the get paid to take surveys websites, second you have the get paid to read email websites, and the third is the get paid to write websites. There are free websites in all of these three categories which will pay you for work. These will be some of the easiest ways which you can make a few hundred dollars monthly, but if you would like a full time income you must create your own web presence, begin marketing, and make money from the traffic.

The first type of get paid to is survey websites and are among the most popular across the web. The majority of people out there usually think that these are scams, but research companies really do exist and are willing to pay you well for what you think. The problem with survey websites is the scams online usually mimic these survey companies making you pay before you can start taking surveys. There is absolutely no reason for you to pay if you want to make money taking surveys. Some of the more legitimate survey websites include and Both of these websites are absolutely free to join and really do pay. When searching for survey websites be sure to pass over the ones that require you to pay before you can begin taking surveys.

The second type of get paid to website is the get paid to read email websites which pay a few cents to read emails. Get paid to read email websites are extremely low paying and really the only way to make decent money with these websites is to work the affiliate programs. Create a blog over at and then sign up for one of the free websites such as After signing up you can grab a banner from the affiliate resource and get people to sign up through your affiliate links. Every time they read an email for a few cents you will be paid a commission.

The final type of earning money online is getting paid to write and this if done correctly will offer you the most money monthly. There are websites which offer marketplaces to sale the content you create, but the best way to begin earning finding clients to write for. You can find clients at a webmaster forum such as in the marketplace threads.

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