Principals of the companies are people, as a rule, occupied, however thus any successful person won’t miss possibility to learn more about new ways of development of own business. Given article just is intended for those who being the recognized expert in the area would like to be on a crest of a wave and to use the newest and perspective ideas. The network Internet now is one of the most perspective tools of creation of communicative communications between the company and environment.
For any company, irrespective of its size, the Internet is that technology which at competent implementation and usage can raise noticeably overall performance and open new horizons. So, what it is possible to do in the Network for development of your business?

It is possible to create own information resource on the close subjects for the business and by that to advance the company.

Internet users by the nature have got used to search for their interesting information. They use possibilities of a World Wide Web for obtaining of new convergence and knowledge. For example, the company selling radio components and created a site for radio fans where questions of the assembly of those or other devices are widely considered, compatibility of components and many other things receives unique chance to transform visitors of such site in the buyers. To create site filling is not a problem – having guaranteed with the constant employees preparation of such materials you won’t not only spend superfluous means, but also lift professional grade of the workers.

It is possible to create the Internet site for trade development in regions and to have an opportunity considerably to cut expenditures on development of a regional dealer network.

Communication through the Internet considerably exceeds telephone, facsimile and especially mail. The information will reach the regional dealer instantly. In addition, it is possible to lower costs having created a uniform information portal for dealers where in a mode of the authorized access it is possible to receive the information on the prices, goods presence in a warehouse, to calculate the dealer commission, to allocate own documents or to download files of head office.

It is possible to create a new trade channel by creation and advancement of own E-commerce shop.

Now trade practice through E-commerce shops is widely used. Such sites are directed on sale of the goods to the end user. On a site the directory of commodity positions is allocated, there is virtual “basket”, the order in a mode on-line is made out through it, cost and discounts settles up. The request goes to the company of the seller and after a while you can send to the customer of the messenger who will carry out a commodity-money exchange. Under condition of competent and step-by-step development of the E-commerce shop this direction can bring in rather notable income. Already now on the Internet there is a set of examples of successful shops on trade in home appliances and electronics, books, CD and DVD, mobile phones and accessories.

It is possible to allocate the detail information on the Internet site about the goods and-or services.

Volumes of booklets, leaflets and furthermore cut-aways are rather restricted. The polygraphy costs money and often too quickly becomes outdated. Having allocated on the site the detail information about the company, its services, operation principles, contacts, you do not only have an opportunity engagings of new clients but also give to the counterparts operatively updated, unlimited frames of the sizes of a paper a source of convergence on the business.

It is possible by means of the Internet site to cut considerably expenditures on support desk, having allocated answers to often asked questions on it (Frequently Asked Questions, F.A.Q.), instructions, the driver.

Having created on a site the knowledge base for clients it is possible to lower considerably costs on their technical support and service. Permanently enough and in time to allocate on a site samples of documents, technical instructions, drivers and answers to often asked questions, to relieve your managers and support desk of superfluous loading.

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