Running your own business has a great many perks. Company formations can be a real eye opener. I started my first business nine years ago, and have for the most part, enjoyed the experience. Granted, running new company formations isn’t all fun and games. You have the added stress and responsibility by the truck load. The hours can sometimes be horrendous, leaving you little social time or time for the family. However with all my UK company formations, I’ve found a many positives to be had- here are just a few of them. So what is it that drives people to form UK company formations?

Let’s face it, most if not all people start companies to make money. Equally, there are many businesses that are run out of love. Even if you are doing something you love, you don’t turn the money down! Running a business does run the risk of losing all your money. Yes, it is possible to invest every working hour, your life savings and re-mortgage your house, only to watch your business crumble. You could even end up owing money. Remember though, just the opposite is possible. If you plan every aspect of your business carefully, there is every chance you will succeed.

Business owners do make a small fortune by either selling their business or setting it up in such a way it runs itself. Are you forty now? Imagine retiring early at fifty! You can have a company that works for you, not the other way round. It can enrich your life and enjoy all the wonderful things there are to do. Worse case, when you start a new company you aren’t going to get much sleep. I was once on 24/7 call for an ISP I ran. I didn’t learn how to delegate, and I was a slave to support! Business would always come first before family and friends, and most importantly myself! This is exactly how a business should not work. When setting up a new company, it’s vitally important from the start to work out just how the business will run without you. Think of yourself as the architect, not the builder or maintenance man. When planned right, a business can free up your time. I sometimes finish early because my business allows me to do so. My business works for me, not vice versa.

Don’t be limited where you setup- England, The US, The West Indies or company formations NI. Running a business can you give you real sense of achievement. There is nothing quite like building your own big client base. And to top it off, you have time to appreciate the fruits of your success. All this is do-able and more! The rat race is terrifically overrated.

Granted, there are many bad sides to running a business, but just look at the three positives identified above. Test the water before jumping in head first- but if you do swim, you will love the life!

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