Today there is a constantly increasing number of ways that could be used to gather quality one way links pointing on your website or blog. More interesting fact is that the majority of these methods that could be used will tend to cost you as a blogger nothing but your creativity and time.

Links have always been quite important for any website. Aside from being one of the main ways through which targeted web traffic arrives at the website, links plays a great role in any search engine optimization efforts as well. The most popular search engines in determining a rank for any website will traditionally consider the quality and the number of links pointing at a website. In fact, these are the main factors that will determine a website’s ranking.

And thus, it is necessary to say that links are vital to the well being and survival of any website or blog. It is important to point out that not any links will do. Today search engines value one way links way above reciprocal ones. In fact, reciprocal linking is when you link to a website in exchange for them linking to you. The other thing that search engines value in links is their relevance. In plain words, links from websites and blog that cover a subject that is similar to what the website or blog in question covers carry much more weight than links from completely unrelated and different topics.

Below there are three creative ways to get those desirable and valuable one way links:

– Attack hook link generation strategy

This is one of the most effective ways of getting one way relevant links to any website or blog. The main idea is that you have to start with intimate involvement in the main conversation taking place in the world of blogs in your industry.

This conversation will include posts and comments taking place in leading blogs and discussion forums about a certain topic.

– Resource hook link generation strategy

You have to be aware of the conversation taking place in your industry. This is the only way that you will be able to tell what valuable resources or references can be useful to the majority of bloggers in your niche market. As a rule, bloggers will not hesitate to link immediately to useful resources that will add value to the posts and information available on their blogs.

– Humor hook link generating strategy

Everyone appreciates humor, especially in the world where there are a lot of dangers and extremely serious threats to humanity. Do not forget that laughter is the best medicine.

Different internet jokes are popular these days and every blogger does not mind linking to some relevant comic relief. The fact that there is a great storage of good humor online makes humor hook more potent.

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