It is not a secret for anybody that a site is not simply card of the company in the Internet but also rather effective tool of attraction of new clients and partners. We will assume that your company all the same has decided to master new possibilities which are given by the Internet and is going to develop a site. How to make a web site that horn of plenty from which it is possible to derive notable profit?

We have tried to allocate the basic steps having passed which you can receive really effective assistant in your business – a web site which will help your company to rise on new level.

Define what exactly your company expects from a site.
First of all, it is necessary to allocate the primary goals which are put before a site. Problems can be different, since attraction of new clients and finishing granting to dealers and partners operative and trustworthy information about your goods, services or spent actions and actions. Without accurately formulated purposes which you put before a site all other steps lose at once meaning. If you don’t know what you want to speak about successful result is not necessary.
Appoint the coordinator of works on a site.
In an ideal there should be a person well familiar, both with your business, and with processes and Internet tendencies. Here there are two ways of a solution of a problem:

1. To appoint the person from the company personnel;
2. To employ the foreign expert;

Both decisions have the obvious pluses and minuses, it is necessary to remember that on this person all responsibility on coordination of the project lay down and the end result in many respects depends on his professionalism. The coordinator and only the coordinator should have powers to accept final decisions concerning points at issue arising in the course of working out of the concept of the future site, it will help to avoid unnecessary disputes and delays in the course of project working out.
Define site geography.
The choice of regions directly influences quantity of language versions of a site and the budget and complexity of promotion of a site.

Define site target audience.

It is necessary to study and analyse sites of direct competitors in details. The list of successful decisions of the competitors introduced on sites as a result should turn out.
Acquaintance and the analysis of decisions in subject domain.
After studying and the analysis of sites of direct competitors it is necessary to familiarize with the decisions realized on sites of recognized world leaders of your field of activity. Certainly, not all decisions used by world leaders of your field of activity can appear actual in your case.
Allocate experts (advisers) from each division of the company.
From each division of the company connected with manufacture and sale of production or realization of services it is necessary to allocate 1 adviser with whom in case of need the coordinator can solve any questions carrying to the competence of the adviser.

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