Many people come to the internet with the hope of being able to earn money online. Setting up a presence is usually easy enough with such resources as and Both of these are free and make it easy to build an online business. The problem is most people don’t understand the work that goes behind an online business and usually give up before their business becomes successful. If you are wanting to begin earning money online with an online business then you need to understand it is a long term project and the first year or so will bring in little income. This is the normal scheme of things and you need to be prepared for a low income business in the first year. After the first year if you worked hard marketing and creating content you will see your online business reach its full potential which means it will rank very well for competitive keywords.

During the first year should be the time that you learn how to create content on a regular basis. Personally I use a blogging platform which makes publishing content extremely easy. You can either set up a free blog at or add the wordpress platform to your static website by downloading the files at and uploading them to your server. It is important to write every single day and you will see the increase of traffic and income by doing this. The reason content is extremely important for an online business is your audience does not want to see the same thing over and over they want new information on your niche. When creating content it is also important to create more than text if possible. You can add videos by purchasing a web cam or pictures if you have a digital camera.

Another important task you should be working on during the first year is internet marketing. When you start out there will be no links to your website and your social network will be non-existent. These two things will need to be built from the ground up. To build a social network all you need to do is get on twitter and facebook. Make sure you use these social networks in a social way rather than a marketing platform. Take time to interact with people and add content rather than just posting link after link. Link building will also be an important part of your success and you will need to catch up with the rest of the websites within your niche. Begin building links at such places as then move onto the major article directories which you can find by doing a quick search. I personally use the for the majority of my link building and have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the program.

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