Any of us faced the poor or poorly dressed people in the streets asking money for a bread piece. There are also professional beggars who begging entice money and earn thereby decent money. Now the given kind of earnings has removed to the Internet. Here it has found already some other character …

First of all it is necessary to have the house and access to the Internet, to own skills of creation and site service. Therefore the basic contingent asking handouts in a network is made by schoolboys, students, the jobless people who have mastered elements of the Internet and doing not wish to be engaged in normal work in online or an offline. But that is still rather interesting so it is earnings attempts on begging in the Internet of the deserved writers, owners of sites and bloggers. Many of them have simple interest and desire to try to earn for the sake of a trick some hundreds dollars, and others try to understand psychology of people.

Begging in the Internet has appeared for the first time in the USA. The young girl —Kerin Bosnek was its foundress. The young woman liked to go shopping and she did not refuse herself in anything that as a result has led to her huge debts. And as the girl had the changeable income to pay the credit she has decided to try to ask money in the Internet. She has created own site (did herself or ordered, precisely it is not known) on which has placed history about the sad problem and asked all wishing to send her money for the bank account. As a result for half a year she has collected about 13.000 dollars and has paid off for all debts!

The glory about success Kerin has quickly extended. The big crowd of beggars has followed to her example trying to earn similarly in the Internet. Each of them described the history to elicit money: on operation, medicines, the maintenance of the big family, and some girls even breast increase. The majority of people simply boldly said lies trying to press on pity of inhabitants of a network.

But achievements of Bosnek nobody has managed to repeat.
Nevertheless, now in the United States of America continue to be created such sites. Some lucky beggars manage though to do not big but though any money, to pay access to the Internet and to eat one month. There were even some which ask money for the new yacht, expensive car and a trip abroad.

Begging in the Internet has removed also to Russia and Ukraine. Only here from known applicants of a virtual cash it is impossible to name anybody. Now many various sites in network which are made to beg only. The heap of spam by e-mail and ICQ is dispatched with the request to help. But this business is not profitable in our country. It is connected with mentality of our people.

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