If you are persistent, still transited all hard steps it means that the future E-commerce shop became a reality to you: you have to buy the domain, a hosting, install I-shop. When the shop is installed, filled by the goods and here soon already long-awaited moment of start. “Well here now will begin, it is necessary to launch only” – you think.

You have opened!

There has passed one week, another, then month – and sales are zero. What happens, how it can be? After all you have such good goods in your shop! – you exclaim.

Then even a month passes, the heat starts to cool down, eagerness and desire fades. And through a year the shop is closed. Here such sad pattern turns out. You ask, why I so strongly exaggerate?

I would compare discovery of the created E-commerce shop to a new tree which the careful gardener sits down. For you this is small, beautiful and well-groomed tree. And what do your potential clients see?

All of them see big and dark. There are set of oaks-giants, lindens and aspens in this wood. All these trees create a green background. Before wood there is a young growth, these small trees can’t be punched more close to the sky, after all under a shade of trees of giants – they become liliputians. All young fresh trees planted by gardeners occupy the second echelon. And your task is to be selected among this mass.

How to be selected?

1. A permanent job over shop
2. The qualitative description of the goods (the text, a photo)
3. Assortment of the goods
4. A convenient and instant customer support
5. Beautiful and harmonic design of shop (here the main thing is not to go too far)

If you have enough energy on all these actions – think, there won’t be problems with the E-commerce shop.

If you think that right after start the shop will start to make constant profit – it won’t be. For clients it is necessary to struggle permanently, daily. After all around set of other “trees” it is possible to “scatter” set of fruits.

It is not necessary hopes that after so-called “promotion” of shop the sale will strongly increase. Yes, after the spent money for artificial entrance in retrieval requests or raisings of the Index of Citing of your shop, probably, some magnification of attendance, but it does not automatically mean magnification of sales.

And sales will be if:

To buy conveniently
To pay conveniently
The logic of operation is clear
The shop won’t frighten off (null information, the high prices, warranties of delivery, payment, reset of the goods)
By my experience, those owners who permanently worked over the E-commerce shop quitted on steady sales not less than in half a year. Certainly, if you have a record budget on advertizing, advancement is possible to accelerate. But if you read this article – most likely, you are restricted in the budget and want to make all independently that I welcome also!

Whether it is possible most to advance the E-commerce shop and how to make it? Yes, certainly. For this purpose it is necessary to be able to use tools of the analysis of visitings, do not forget about retrieval requests and to look and study how your potential competitors do. And the most pleasant is that – that you won’t pay nothing for it.

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