Complex Internet marketing is the tool allowing to use all possibilities of Internet marketing and to apply them in a complex according to the general strategy of development of business in the Internet.

The most popular channels for Internet advancement is search optimization, contextual and media advertizing. It is important to remember that there are also other ways of advancement in the Internet which offer a lot of additional possibilities and allow to bypass competitors.

Advancement tools
Complex Internet marketing includes following tools:

Search optimization;
Contextual advertizing;
Banner advertizing;
Marketing in social media (SMM);
Virus marketing;
Traffic purchase in exchange networks;
The organization of thematic mailings (an e-mail marketing);
Working out of promo-sites.
At a choice of tools of complex advancement of sites we consider set of factors: specificity of business of the client, feature of target Internet audience, and also the operative and strategic problems facing the company of the customer.

Flexibility of complex Internet marketing allows us to solve almost any marketing problems facing the customer. As we see an overall picture we save means of the client and we direct dot efforts to that channel which is most effective for the decision of a problem facing us.

Correct planning of interaction between various tools of advancement leads to good effect. For example, the marketing combination in social media and contextual advertizing or search optimization gives additional increase in the traffic and improvement of its quality.

We act in a role of the general contractor of your company performing works on set of directions and coordinating efforts of versatile experts. At any moment we can throw focus of advancement from one channel on another – complex of Internet marketing is extremely flexible.
The Internet marketing is the tool for advance

In today’s conditions of a rigid competition for attraction of the client the Internet is a most actively developing trade channel of the goods and services. And thanks to Internet marketing it is possible to use a lot of the new technologies capable really to increase your sales.
Our main task working with the client is to find and define strategy and to carry out innovative ways of advancement of your business on the Internet.

And problems of realization of marketing in the Internet are carried out in a complex, simultaneously in several directions:
Studying of interaction with individual consumers
Internet audience
Navigation of users on the Internet
Management of mutual relations with clients
Marketing researches on the Internet
The organization of marketing researches
Information search on the Internet
Carrying out of Internet polls
Reception of the marketing information on visitors of a web-site
The commodity policy and the market of services on the Internet
The goods and the commodity policy
Working out of the new goods

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