Usually marketing of Internet projects is perceived exclusively as work with a site but not with other connected processes. Nevertheless, one of the greatest errors will divide sale process into stages “before purchase on the Internet” and “order execution in the real world”. It is important to understand that one follows from another, therefore isolation of processes can only do much harm.

1. Speed of reaction
The greatest problem which users face at purchase through the Internet is, undoubtedly, absence of trust to shop with which they yet didn’t work. Partly this question dares various ratings and catalogs. From a mistrust problem the situation when the client does the order through the form at once in several shops as if without trusting automatics grows known to many owners of sites. Accordingly, it is very important to react to the demand as fast as possible.

The usual algorithm is that:

1. After filling of the order the message that will occur to the order further is shown to the user. For example that within 3-4 minutes it will be called back by the operator.

2. On his e-mail all order with a mark is automatically duplicated that it is accepted in processing.

3. If it is the working hours the operator at once contacts the client. If the time off – in the previous two points the client will be informed when he will call.

Thus the user feels that his actions have led to result and some minutes cease to worry on the nearest, expecting a call or changes in the order status.

2. A work transparency
To adjust automatic system of notices on the order status is simply enough, and it will bring very essential result. Accordingly, at any changes (for example, receipt of payment or transfer of the order to delivery) it is necessary to notify the client. As a matter of fact, it is one of parts of good service.
3. Catalogs and the goods
The client searching for the goods does not want to waste time on your navigation and search in structure. Accordingly, following moments of strategy of Internet marketing are important:

– Classification is carried out for people instead of your programmers in order to do convenient it to them. For example, frequently it is better to replace classification by manufacturers with sorting according to production type.

– There should be ready solutions of a problem of the user. For example, the most popular goods are “human” – tegs like “convenient”, “most favourable” and so on. Some users come not for the laptop of the concrete company, but for the decision for the house, office, car to road or Hi-end device.

– The same goods can be in different “branches” of a tree of classification. The classical example is that a water-melon should be located in part of fruit, berries because it will be searched in this part.

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