Recently was outlined the tendency of transition SEO (search optimization) on qualitatively new level – level SEM or marketing of search engines. SEM is the multipurpose system demanding careful integration of various strategy of online marketing. Today professional Internet experts in marketing know that only search optimization (SEO) is not enough for increase of efficiency of any business. For efficiency increase it is necessary to combine SEO, contextual advertizing, probably, media advertizing and all it to analyze by means of web analytics tools to generate the best market combination at the set budget.

Pluses of complex advancement
Pluses of complex use of search optimization and contextual advertizing are the sum of pluses inherent SEO and PPC.

The basic actions for complex marketing
The analysis of a current situation and working out of the optimum schedule of carrying out of campaigns for advancement of your goods and services through a network the Internet;
Selection and the analysis of keywords and phrases for search optimization and contextual advertizing;
Start of an advertizing campaign of contextual advertizing and the analysis of efficiency of each key phrase by means of web analytics tools;
Leaning on given web analysts who shows us the most effective keywords transforming the visitor of a site in the buyer and the customer, carrying over of some key phrases from the list “keywords for contextual advertizing” in the list “keywords for search optimization”;
Work on site advancement by the chosen key inquiries;
The general analysis of advertizing campaigns of contextual advertizing and conducted campaign for site optimization;
Testing of various variants of advertisements, visible part URL, target pages and a choice of the best variant of transforming quantity of visitors in buyers and customers.
The analysis of a recoupment of the investments directed on Internet marketing.

All depends on each concrete case and concrete branch. Sometimes it is economically to use contextual advertizing, sometimes search optimization, but more often more it is effectively to combine the first with the second, only in this case it is possible to be assured that your advertizing budget will bring the greatest return.

Cost of services will depend directly on set of factors. First of all:

Competition in your sector of business;
The advertizing campaign purposes;
The chosen position i.e. where you want to see your site on a certain phrase.
Duration of an advertizing campaign directly depends on your ultimate goals.

The basic actions for conducting campaigns
The analysis and audit of a current site
Selection and the analysis of keywords for search optimization and contextual advertizing
Selection of platforms of contextual advertizing
Optimization of the budget of current campaigns and development of strategy
Creation of a new dropping, adjustment of optimum parameters
Writing of texts to campaigns, creation landing pages (target pages)

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