I want to consider the main programs and Internet services which, in my opinion, are necessary for successful business dealing on the Internet. At once I want to make a reservation that my review doesn’t claim for all-round spanning of the given subject. More likely, I share with you, the reader, an own arsenal of necessary tools which on 90 % provide me necessary things for my business. I am focused on software and Internet services which, first of all, differ high availability to Internet users and the relative simplicity in usage. Actually, the amount of programs and Internet services which you with success can apply in the business is measured by hundreds. But they, more likely, are additional “plugins” than tools from a series “must have” (it is necessary to have).

And I will begin the review with all known programs from Microsoft Office family.

Microsoft Office


The well-known text editor (actually, the correct title “word-processor” as Word by the possibilities considerably exceeds the normal editors intended for a dial-up and text editing) acquaintance with which is “mandatory” for all beginning users of personal computers.

By means of Word you can type, format and make out almost any texts: beginning from a dial-up of normal article (the author of these lines just now writes this article by means of Word) finishing creation of prospectuses and booklets.

If you have taken a way the business Internet it will be necessary for you to write much. And word-processor Word will be for you the irreplaceable assistant!


One more product entering into standard composition of a packet of Microsoft Office. Excel is a program intended for operation with tables. It will allow you to make price-lists convenient for operation, to conduct small accounts department, to support a database on your clients, to conduct various types of statistics and many other things.

The irreplaceable assistant who will essentially facilitate and automates many aspects of your business!


Microsoft FrontPage program concerns the so-called “visual” editors intended for creation of web sites. And, for creation of sites by means of FrontPage the knowledge of language HTML isn’t required. As FrontPage is a Microsoft product, its appearance very much reminds familiar to the majority of users of PC Word. And it means that basic functions of FrontPage can be mastered quickly enough so-called “at random”. This singularity FrontPage attracts many users. And for this reason, I recommend to use FrontPage in a counterbalance other visual editors which, maybe, are even more powerfully. Actually, as the person who has thoroughly enough studied possibilities of last version FrontPage I want to tell that since the version of 98th year this program has essentially amplified. And, if on a surface it seems enough simple in its “depths” lie many possibilities allowing to develop professional web sites with ease and comfort, without burdening knowledge of various languages and other technical knowledge.

By means of FrontPage I create the sites on the Internet and also I use it for design of the mail mailings. Microsoft FrontPage isn’t a part of a standard packet of Microsoft Office. Therefore, I recommend to you to find and install on the computer Microsoft Office version together with FrontPage. If you have difficulty with English language it is better to look for a cyrillic packet. I use Microsoft Office XP and I am happy very much with it!

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