Looking for a legitimate work at home customer support jobs? Customer service is one area that companies can’t afford to cut, even with the economic down turn. But to cut costs they are looking to work at home agents. This benefits both the company and the agent as now you can make money from the comfort of your own home. Here are some tips for finding legitimate work at home customer support jobs and avoiding scams.

1. Look carefully at the ad. A general rule to follow when trying to avoid scams is how much information is provided. The less information the more likely it is to be a scam. A legitimate work at home job will provide the pay scale, job requirements and contact information. The more specific each of those are the better.

2. Be realistic. You are not going to find a legitimate work at home customer support job that pays $40 an hour. Companies that make outlandish claims are either fraudulent or a work at home opportunity as opposed to a job. Online companies still offer wages comparative with those offline. This works to your benefit. You can look around for realistic pay scales based on your experience.

3. Prior experience helps. You do not have to have prior experience to get a work at home customer support job but it helps. Most companies are trying to save costs by hiring those who are already proficient, rather than spending money to train them. If you have prior experience, be sure to mention it when you apply as well as the equipment you already own and know how to use. This will make you seem like a more attractive candidate.

4. No upfront fee. Any customer support company that wants money up front is either a scam or a work at home opportunity not an actual job. You should never pay to apply for a job.

You can find legitimate work at home customer support jobs and their companies online but often it is offline companies that will land you the job. Ask customer service agencies in your area if they are willing to hire a home based agent. If you are looking online be sure to look carefully at the ad and to contact the company directly.

As a busy mom, it can be challenging to find work at home options that give you enough time with your family and are legitimate. The work at home job should be something that interests you but should also provides a good work/life balance. Below are some work at home options that let you spend time with your family.

1. Customer service representative: As more companies start online businesses more of them will be looking to outsource customer care to work at home agents. These are great work at home options for stay at home moms as it allows you to work around 20 hours a week making anywhere between $8-$15 an hour. And there is usually no selling involved.

2. Affiliate Marketing: One of the most popular work at home options is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate you would send traffic to a company’s website and when the customer paid for a product service or signed up for the site you would earn a commission.

People love affiliate marketing because it gives the income of owning a web store without the added hassles of creating the product or service, providing customer care, or even creating marketing campaigns. However, you do need to dedicate yourself to sending traffic. To do this most affiliates work around 6 hours a day.

3. Blogging: Blogs are now common place on the web and many moms are taking their blogs and turning them into cash machines. They are adding affiliate banners, offering advertising space, or selling their own products directly on their blog. The reason why this works is blogs are great soft selling platforms.

You can blog about things that interest you. The more often you blog the more popular your blog will become. Since most people only update their blog once a day, this is an extremely convenient work at home option. Those who have a natural talent in writing will excel with blogging. You can also get paid to blog for others.

There are many work at home options for moms online. Finding one that suits you and your family may take some searching, but it is worth it when you find your work/life balance.

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