Internet plays a huge role in business as means of communications (an E-mail, teleconferences, an IP-telephony and so on). The Internet is not simply means of communication but the interactive channel of interaction of the businessmen allowing to communicate them in a online mode.

Huge role the Internet plays as a source of the help information for the companies. All information on the goods and services given by the companies on the Internet is presented in the form of sites. The Internet is mass media, on network is stored the large quantity of information resources which search is provided with information retrieval systems.

The major problem of image formation of firm (public relations) is formation of an attractive image of firm in the opinion of the public. It is reached by different ways: advertizing, charitable actions, sponsorship, release of press releases and information materials about firm activity etc.

Use Internet allows to lower essentially expenses on public relations. Cost reduction is reached at the expense of decrease in circulations and reduction of quantity of advertizing materials so it is possible to present advertizing materials on a company Web-site.

Advertizing in Internet unlike traditional advertizing has the features. In Internet it is necessary to distinguish two types of advertizing: advertizing of a Web-site and advertizing of the goods or services. For advertizing or Web-site “promotion” usually use: site registration in search engines, an exchange of banners or references, an insert Meta of tags: , “keywords”, “description”, entering into the text of keywords, placing of paid references on popular Web-servers, instructions of the e-mail address and the Web-site address in all advertisements etc.

Business on the Internet
Development of an information infrastructure of global networks the Internet has led to changes of ways of business dealing and occurrence of the electronic market. It is known that electronic business is an enterprise activity in which are used possibilities of information technology for the purpose of profit creation.

Creation of information products (books, instructions, the software etc.) and their direct sale through virtual shops is a widespread kind of electronic business or information business in networks the Internet. The information is the most profitable product of 21 centuries.

The basic sectors of the market or models of interaction of subjects of the market in computer networks are:
B2B – Business for business
B2C – Business for the consumer
B2B is a business – model of interaction of the companies among themselves by means of computer networks.
Basis of business – models B2C retail trade, i.e. interactions of the companies with consumers in a network makes the Internet.

Electronic commerce covers such directions business – activity in networks: trade (retail or wholesale) through virtual shops, Web-show-windows or shopping centers; granting of services; electronic advertizing, marketing etc.

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