It is known that marketing is the kind of human activity directed on satisfaction of needs and requirements by means of an exchange. Marketing components are: the goods; the price; sale; advertizing.

Marketing can’t be identified with sale or stimulation of sales. Marketing can be considered as the mechanism adapting manufacture of the goods or granting of services to requirements of the market.

The marketing purpose is to make efforts on sale unnecessary.

Development of an infrastructure of a global network has led to changes of ways of business dealing and occurrence of the electronic market. The Internet began to be used as the interactive channel of interaction of the companies with business partners and clients that has provided conducting of interactive marketing (Internet marketing) and realization of direct on-line sales. Traditional business processes (sale, marketing, supply etc.) in network economy get new forms.

Thus, rapid growth of electronic business and electronic commerce became a basis for Internet marketing occurrence (online marketing). Tools of Internet marketing considerably differ from traditional tools of marketing.

The basic advantages of Internet marketing in comparison with off-line marketing means concern:

The broadest coverage of target audience (market globalization);
Personification of interaction with clients;
Decrease of costs.
Internet marketing is a complex of actions for advancement and sale on a commodity market and services by means of network technologies of the Internet. For advancement of the goods and services on the Internet it is necessary to have the Web-site on which should be presented the various information on the goods or services and means with which help the consumer can place and pay the order.

Now Internet marketing is an independent kind of activity which concerns electronic business. In a global network the Internet exists set of sites which marketing services (services in site advancement in search engines render).
The basic functions of marketing: studying of demand, pricing, advertizing, stimulation of sale, sale, assortment, planning etc. The basic direction of Internet marketing is site advancement in search engines.

Site advancement in search engines is a necessary condition for achievement of effective interaction with target audience or clients as search engines and thematic catalogs are the basic channels on which target visitors get on a site.

Site advancement in search engines is a complex of all marketing actions for site advancement on the Internet in order the resource became known to target audience and was visited by clients:
1) site promotion (escalating of reference base);
2) site optimization under search engines;
3) advertizing in the Internet;
4) carrying out of polls, support of dialogue with clients (the organization of effective feedback with clients, operative studying of their requirements);
5) constant support of a site, search optimization and monitoring of efficiency of its functioning;
6) change of marketing plans according to a changing situation.

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