As a rule, the technology of creation of the big Internet projects is known to very few people. Therefore it is heavy to adjust yourself on development of the business in the Internet. Let`s consider the basic stages of creation of Internet shop.

This is one of the most perspective directions of Internet activity of modern people (unfortunately, not as buyers). In solid online shop there can be components of information resources and search engines, it can exist as a usual show-window with price-lists or to represent as a trading portal. In other words, this is inconsistent enough and uneasy formation.

Though, at all complexity primary goal statement looks simply: it is necessary to publish some catalog of the goods on the Internet and to make possibility to receive the information that the client wants to get. Further to take the goods from the warehouse or from other supplier, to deliver the goods to the client and to receive money.

In this case the Internet space is used as a way of delivery of the information on the goods to the potential customer and receptions of the notice on his intentions. The online shop body in no way doesn’t concern any more the Internet.

The online shop basis is a catalog of production and publication system (to be exact, managements of the publication) on a site of this catalog. First of all it is necessary to create the competent and strictly classified catalog of the goods, here again the qualified commodity researchers will be necessary for you.

Further you will need to scan images and to insert descriptions to them. This work doesn’t demand highly skilled experts but it also is not less important and demands the big work on catalog creation. Unfortunately, in our country still there is no service of similar catalogs that it was possible to buy simply the ready catalog of the goods with correct descriptions, structure and photos therefore all this work, basically, it will be necessary to do independently or to employ special people.
The catalog structure to some extent will make any impact on Internet site structure. Even if you will place the goods correctly, according to the commodity nomenclature accepted in branch, it won’t give a guarantee for clients of convenience of search. By site working out it is necessary to consider representations about ordering of the goods of this group developed at your clients.

During creation of the commodity catalog it is necessary to study all most popular firm qualifiers. If at once to use them as some standard of branch at this stage it will be possible to see names of some sections. It is recommended to combine accepted at manufacturers of the goods of classification with household characteristics.

Certainly, the site structure shouldn’t be limited to commodity categories, sections on information on online shop, the help to clients in purchase and navigation, various prompters and advisers also are necessary.

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