The most important thing for anyone who wants to start a basic online business is building a web presence. There are a few ways which you can do this one of the easiest is going to or These resources will allow you to create a fully functional web presence free which you can use to start making money online. When creating the web presence you will need to know exactly what you are building before you are building it. This is the time which you can use to pick the topic of your new online business and this choice should not be rushed. You will need time to find out the amount of traffic the niche is getting and the levels of competition within the niche.

When you are trying to decide on a niche it should be something that you have passionate about. In this days online market every niche online has at least a small audience which you can make money from. If you chose a topic with a small audience you can easily take the niche over and then move onto a larger niche. The reason it is important to pick something that you are passionate about is after a while of blogging or running a website creating new content for that website will stop being easy and fun. You will need to truly care about the topic you are creating content about to ensure you last long enough to see the full potential of your presence. Usually a web presence will not see its full potential for a year or so.

The checks you should be running when you decide to create a website or blog are actually pretty simple. You can get a decent estimation of the amount of links you will need to reach the top of Google for any given keyword if you go to Google and type in (inanchor:”Your Keywords”). This will bring up the amount of websites who are building links targeted towards the exact keywords you would like your website to rank well for. The next thing to do is take the top ten websites that come up in this search and place their URL in Yahoo’s site explorer. This tool will bring up the size of the website and number of backlinks that the website has. These numbers will be what you need to shoot for when trying to take the top of Google for certain keywords.

Now that you have a niche chosen and know how much work it will take to reach the top of Google for certain terms you should begin construction. Search engine optimization will start during the creation of your website. You should put the terms you want to rank well for in the URL, title, and description. As the website comes together you should also be working on internet marketing. For the first few months basic link building will be enough to gain a few visitors and getting indexed within Google. Personally I love building links with article directories and to find a list go to Google and type in “list of article directories”. You can also build links at which offers a list of over two thousand general free one way directories.

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