There are two types of online businesses out on the internet those that are succeeding and those that are not. The success of an online business will be dependent on the goals of the webmaster of blogger and their ability to lower income going into the online business and increase the profit they receive. These two things are extremely difficult to do since there is no free way to do anything online. You may not have to pay money for such things as hosting or marketing, but it will take time and in the online business world time is money. As your business starts succeeding you will understand why a successful webmaster or blogger would opt for paying people to do basic tasks such as link building or content creation. These are mandatory tasks which must be done on a consistent basis, but for the owner of a web presence these tasks are very time consuming and take away from other important aspects of a business.

For those who are new to online business and would like to learn earn money online without paying you must find free ways to create a presence, market the presence, and monetize the presence. These three things are not easy and are extremely time consuming. offers a free blog hosting making the creation of your presence free an easy. One of the major reasons I recommend using wordpress is when creating an online business content will be a major factor of the success of your business and wordpress makes it extremely easy to add and modify content. The way you make money online will not matter nearly as much as the content you produce. If your content has a higher quality compared with the rest of businesses within your niche then people will send you links and share your content on the social websites. This means your marketing will be cut down leaving more time to create quality content.

Free internet marketing is another important factor when trying to build a profitable business. There are far too many people who think the only way to get traffic is buying it from such programs as Google Adwords and Chitika. Usually people who buy traffic will end up spending more than they are making. Personally I never buy traffic, but rather spend the money on content, submissions to directories and social websites, or internet marketing programs. For those who have no money to spend it is extremely important to learn everything you possibly can about search engine optimization. This is placing keywords on your presence, making sure URLs have keywords, placing keywords in titles, and building links on authority websites using keywords between the anchor tags. This is the basic process of search engine optimization and there are a few tools out there which will help you find the keywords you would like to rank well for. The tool that I use to find the amount of traffic a keyword has is Google Adwords Keyword Tool which you can find by doing a Google search. You should also be spending time learning more about advanced aspects of search engine optimization on forums such as and the top blogs and

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