One of the most difficult parts when trying to make money online is finding ways to create an online business for free. There is many ways to begin your online journey, but before you do it is imperative for you not to spend any money at all until you have a full understanding of online business. Many people I have met with actually spent hundreds of dollars on programs thinking they were the only way to start an online business and quickly found out these programs that promised instant success whether in the search engines or other marketing platforms were complete failures. If you want to succeed online you must be willing to spend the time learning how things work especially search engines. Another important aspect to learn online business is the creation of link bait. Actually creating content which will build links naturally should be the ultimate goal of any blogger or webmaster. This will not be learned overnight you must be willing to practice publishing content finding what provokes the most interaction with your audience.

The first thing anyone needs that is trying to build a successful business is an online presence where they can begin earning a small income. Everything starts out small online and after years of work will become successful and generate a larger income. You can either start out with a free resource or pay for hosting. One of the only things that is ok to spend money on when trying to start an online business is web hosting. There are many places that offer truly unlimited hosting in terms of bandwidth and storage for less than five dollars a month. Personally the hosting company I have been most satisfied with is it has unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub domains, and my favorite script installation program. This means if you want to start a wordpress blog you can use the script installation program rather than downloading the wordpress platform and uploading it to your server.

Once you have the web presence up and running whether free or paid you need to learn how to market your website for free. The best thing I have ever learned when it came to free internet marketing is search engine optimization. This is the process of placing keywords on your website and building links to rank well in Google for major terms. There are many different resources that will help you learn SEO one of the best includes This is one of the largest webmaster forums on the net and by far is the most friendliest. After you get a decent grasp of search engine optimization it is a good idea to begin learning about social marketing both networking and bookmarking. Websites such as,,,, and are all important when it comes to the success of your website.

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