These days anyone might start a paid blog and it really could be done straightforwardly and quickly online. There are merely a few easy steps to get you going and then you really are ready to start earning an income.

Creating Your Website
The first step is to create the weblog. The easiest way is t go to and create a weblog there, then to follow their instructions to buy your own URL,. This is vital as your own URL is worth more to advertiser than if you are using a blogger URL.

A better way to get blogging is to buy yourself some hosting space and then to install WordPress. I won’t go into that in detail here, I’ve already covered the steps in articles before, as have numerous others.

Get Blogging!
Now is the time to start blogging. You really can blog around only about anything that you want to. From your favourite sport or past time, to your work and how to do it better or even latest news affecting you. If you have a subject that you might write round at least 3 times per week then you can blog around it!

And that is my rule of thumb, to be sure that that you are posting to your weblog at least 3 days per week. This provides content for the search engines, interest for your readers and a target to keep you going.

Providing An Offering To Advertisers
No advertiser is going to offer you plenty of cash without something in return. And they want one of two things, sometimes both:

* links from a web site with a good PageRank to improve their rankings
* links from a web site with relevant visitors that might be interested in the link and visit their website

It’s as straightforward as that. Work on your blog to improve its search engine position and its visitors count. The more of both you have the more advertising budding you have and revenue coming back in.

Earning A few Money
There are some ways of earning cash, depending on whether you have a good PageRank, good traffic or both:

* sponsored posting – try BlogDistributor and PayPerPost if you have a good PageRank or SocialSpark if you have masses of visitors. There are others to use once you get into the idea

* Pay Per Click – don’t mess about, go straight for the leader and sign up to Google’s Adsense. Then you could add advertising blocks to your layout, very straightforward especially if you are using Blogger. You might also add PPC to your RSS feeds. Merely suitable for websites with visitors

* Affiliate Revenue – good for web-sites with stacks of traffic, but if your visitors is multi-national then you are limited to ebooks and other electronically delivered products.

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