There are many people out on the web who are interested in starting an online business, but have no idea what to create. If you are wanting to build an online presence and you watch tv and movies you may want to consider creating a review blog. When trying to create a successful blog you need to chose a topic that you can write about every day. This is the most difficult part of blogging is the constant content creation. From my experience it is difficult to find inspiration every single day. Now the reason I think creating a movie or tv review blog would be a good idea is anytime you watch a tv show or movie you can write what you think about it. This type of blog also opens the door for upcoming movies and if you are a true movie buff you could write about the actors, directors, and producers of the movies you watch.

This blog will cost money if you want it to be successful. You can start the blog for free at or, but having a consistent supply of movies will not be free. If you have a movie collection you can start with the movies you already own. Make sure before writing a review you watch the movie so you will have the story fresh in your mind. As you create the review I recommend using a grading system either out of ten or five. This way you can categorize the reviews so your audience can find the shows that you think are the best. Really to be successful you will need to write reviews on the newest shows. These will be the shows being searched for in Google and will have the most buzz around them. To cut costs on paying for movies I suggest you use Netflix. You can watch an unlimited amount of streaming shows and rent an unlimited amount of DVDs. These guys do a pretty good job letting you rent new releases.

Now that you have a plan in motion and you want to begin writing a movie review blog it is still necessary to treat your blog like any other blog online when it comes to marketing. You will need to become very active in any social movie website. Forums, social bookmarking, and other movie websites should be your primary focus when you begin your internet marketing campaign. These are of course not the only websites that you can use to market your presence. To rank well within the search engines you can rely on the old fashioned marketing techniques such as directory submission, article submission, and press release submission. For search engine optimization purposes I highly recommend submitting all new posts to the larger social bookmarking websites such as,, and The first step is getting indexed in Google then try to watch and write about a few movies every week.

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