How to reduce the unpleasant consequences of long work on the computer?

You sit at a computer with a good monitor. Do your eyes get tired? It is important to locate the monitor relative to the eyes.
– Lighting at work on a computer should not be too bright, but not entirely absent, the ideal is the scattered light.
– Place the table so that the window was not in front of you. If this is unavoidable buy thick curtains.

Take a cardboard box, cut out of it the corner and put on display. Visor blocks light, image contrast is increased, the color becomes more natural.
– The monitor screen should be absolutely clear: if you’re wearing glasses, they also must be absolutely clean. Wipe the monitor screen (better with special wipes and / or liquid to clean the monitors) at least once a week, watch crystal clarity of points every day.
– Position the monitor and keyboard must be directly to your desktop, in any case, not diagonally.
– Center of the screen should be at about the level of your eyes or slightly below. Keep your head straight, without tilting forward. Periodically for a few seconds, close the eyelids, give rest and relax to eye muscles.
– Sometimes there are recommendations to use special glasses, filters. They are really able to pick up some of the indicators of video, but only at the expense of another indicator. Yes, and it is reasonable to pay $ 200 for points (not worth less than good), instead of having to buy for the money a decent monitor?
– The monitor screen should be removed from the eyes of at least 50-60 inches. If at that distance you see a bad picture click for a larger font.
– If you exceed 2-4 units of short-sightedness, you must have two pairs of glasses.

The level of electromagnetic radiation from the side of the monitor is higher than from the front. Place the computer in the corner.
Monitors are often too low. Man almost does not notice it, but in order it was easier to look at the monitor we have to bend the head slightly to slide of the chair. If you are “slipping” on the chair, then strain back and hold in that position every day for several hours, the person then feels a variety of ailments. Adjust the position of the monitor. Center of the screen should be roughly at eye level or slightly below, so that you comfortably seated in a chair, not bending the head.

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