Article marketing is one of the latest types of online marketing currently available to all online businesses. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of marketers who fail to enjoy the wonders of this asset due to some mistakes that they are committing. Below there are some of such mistakes:

– Marketing within the article body

This could sound quite strange to many people, but even if the main purpose of article marketing is to allow your articles to market your business, this marketing pitch has to be used within the article body. The main purpose of any article is to inform the readers and display one’s expertise to online readers and potential customers. The marketing has to be limited to the resource box under each article.

You have to remember that it is necessary to be concise and effective while creating your resource box. It has to describe your business and include a link to your website. It will help add on the credentials of the business owner as well.

– Compromising quality to quantity

The more articles that a marketer circulates as a part of their internet marketing campaign, the more people they could reach. But writing a lot of articles that lack in quality will just jeopardize one’s aim to successfully market through their articles. Low quality articles create a bad impression about the author to the reader. In its turn it creates a bad reputation for the business that is being marketed. And thus, these low quality articles that do not interest the readers just cause one to lose a great amount of potential customers.

– Submitting low quality articles

You always have to make sure that your articles are proofread and rid of any grammatical or spelling errors. As well they have to make sure that there are no great formatting issues. Such errors will just make them look bad to online readers, who are a great part of their target market. This will just bring bad reputation to the business and that will not be recommended. It is necessary to make sure that error free articles are submitted to the article submission websites.

– Duplicating articles across different websites

Even if it is important that your articles reach as many people within your target market as possible, you do not have to put the same articles across different websites. This is so because search engines tend to reduce the value placed on the content that are duplicates of the content found on other websites. This will surely hurt the search engine ranking of the article website as well as reduce the value placed on the business website that resides on this website. And so, article marketers have to make sure that these effects are minimal while determining how many times that intend to duplicate the same article.

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