Web design and web working out process consists of levels:
Design of interaction with the user (navigation creation, imposition of the main page, working out of templates, search programming and so on.
Design of a content (that is an actual writing of texts for pages and also creation of all other materials which simply transfer contents of a site to the visitor but don’t cooperate with it.

Design without the purpose

Here it is a problem number one. I do not cease to be surprised to how many sites are created simply because the chief has ordered to someone to create it but hasn’t specified for what purposes.

There is nothing reprehensible in creating a site-cut-away where there will be some photos of a building of firm, a journey card, the annual report and the other information for potential investors.

When the company closes the site on itself all comes to an end with that its first pages decorate speeches and photos of its directors and the information on company history (all it is quite pertinent on page “About the company”; but not on the main page). Remember that your company is the center of all Universe for your clients. The site should be created for needs of clients, instead of for own grandiose ideas of self-praise. Don’t create a site which will be pleasant to your chiefs: they are not target audience.

The design reflects organization structure

The site structure should be defined by the problems which users will want to carry out on a site even if it means that one page will contain the information from two various departments. Very often it is necessary to distribute the information from one department on two and more sections of a web site, or on the contrary, it is necessary to support joint efforts of several departments.

As a classical example of malmanagement of the web project it is possible to result the main page of a site on which some buttons correspond to each vice-president of the company flaunt. Remember, you don’t create design for your chiefs so it is quite natural when you can’t answer some questions to the chief.

Attraction of several studios

If you transfer each new web project to new studio, as a result your site will look as scrappy blankets. A problem with use of several studios that everyone will aspire to set the seal to a site: and consequently that all of them are guided by various philosophies of design and consequently that your site for a portfolio will be necessary to them. There is no sense to speak “we have created this and these pages” if all pages of a site are similar against each other.

Users very much irritates, when, passing from one page on the friend they every time face various design. Uniformity is a key to convenient design: when all elements of the interface look and work equally users feel more confidently with a site as they can transfer the found skills from one under-site on another instead of to study on each site all anew.

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