Let’s be defined a little with terminology. What is the business on the Internet? Or who is such businessman? Many consider that the businessman is the one who owns any firm in which the hired workers, bringing to the master (our businessman) profit work. That is our businessman sits and practically does nothing – only supervises.

We have come to Internet to earn money. And yet we do not know how (there is nobody while to supervise). Let’s consider as business any activity making profit.
What is the success of business? I consider business successful if it makes profit, that is the income of business exceeds expenditures. Do you agree?

And so. In what consists the secret of success of Internet business? Many will answer: in attendance of a site (or in number of subscribers of mailing). Others will tell: in convenience of payment, in competent presentation of the goods or services. Partly it is all truly. But not absolutely.

I will tell an example from the practice. At me set of mailings on different subjects: from “House business” to “Remote learning”.

Cover? Competently made presentation? No!

The person buys the specific electronic book because understands that it is very necessary to him. He very much wants it to buy and to it is unimportant that there is no uniform payment system and he should go to the Savings Bank in order to pay for this book. He isn’t confused with simplicity of design of an e-commerce shop and that the author of the book is unknown to him. It is important to him to receive that information which he wants to receive. And he is ready to pay for it in our methods contrary to the American experts in marketing who predict losses to all those owners of e-commerce shops who don’t accept from a site the instant payments of type Visa or MasterCard.

Therefore you can create easy the unpretentious site and not puzzle over where to take the program of an e-commerce shop and from what money to pay to the programmer for its setting.

You need to break a head WHAT to offer the target audience.
Having the goods and target audience which wants to acquire these goods, all remaining (goods design, compilation of presentation, speculation about the price and about payment variants) are secondary questions. They can be solved already on a course of sales.

Select on the site a page for goods. Don’t forget to specify the price and payment variants. And it is mandatory to specify the e-mail – whatever automated was the sale process, you should be mandatory for the potential buyer first of all the person, instead of the trading automatic machine (let even virtual). Also tell to all visitors of your site that you have prepared for them something interesting, that for certain is useful to them.

Any site has the right to receive internet marketing. Find out how many people are receiving targeted visitors now – this is part of IM strategy for successful site owners shown on this website traffic site.

P.S. And when you have good targeted traffic – then “get website traffic” questions become very easy.

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