Today the internet is filled with different search engine optimization tips. The necessity of getting free web traffic via search has caused enormous interest on the subject of SEO.

Website optimization is continuous process because the search engine algorithm is the subject to changes whenever low practice SEO experts are able to abuse it. But, at that point in time, both off-page and on-page optimization are the difficulty in obtaining a website ranked well with the search engines.

– On-page factors in search engine optimization

There are some criteria that are incorporated in the concept of the web page. In fact, it is a place where web page optimization and because it is subjected to the human operating, off-page factors are considered to be more important. But, that is not to mention that on-page factors are not important at all. If you were to compare a web page that is not optimized at all in comparison with another web page that has been optimized, the answer will be obvious.

On-page could be separated into visible and non-visible to an internet user. The recent trend in the internet is that visible on-page factors are much more important in comparison with the latter because website is built for human consumption. What a visitor cannot see is deemed to be useless and could be subjected to search engine manipulation. Non-visible web page factors are meta tags that are considered to be good breeding ground for spam is getting less vote of confident from all major search engines.

– Off-page factors of search engine optimization

In fact, off-page factors are back links and the more back links here the better. The whole idea could sound quite simple to you, but the actual process of getting those links is quite challenging and time consuming one. With that problem on hand, a lot of software has started to appear on the internet to address that process. But, still it does not have to stop your search for really powerful software.

The rate of getting these back links is also quite important. Search engine is quite careful with websites that get a lot of back links over a short period of time and consider this action as link spam. And thus, it is a great practice to apply a link strategy to get those important back links at a constant and steady rate.

Back links are important because each and every back link is a vote of confidence on your website. As well the source of that back link is equally important.

If the back link is from like-minded nature of the business, the more links the better. Link management is quite subtle subject and it could be a great idea if you could read a book on that subject.

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