There are many niches you can build an online business in. One of the most popular niches on the web today because of the recession is the get paid to niche. The main purpose of working in this niche is helping people who are going through hard times by offering different types of ways they can earn money. If you decide you would like to work in the get paid to niche there are several things you can do. The niche can be attacked in two different ways either by going after long tailed keywords such as “get paid to take surveys”. These long tailed keyword may not have the same traffic as a generic term such as “earn money online”, but the traffic is extremely targeted. This means that if you get a visitor who searches for the term “earn money online” they may not be wanting the certain affiliate programs you are making on your website or blog. On the other hand if you get a visitor who is searching for “get paid to take surveys” and you display survey companies on your presence the person will be very likely to join. Targeting traffic like this will mean your conversion rate will jump dramatically so you will not need nearly the same number of hits to create the same amount of income.

The first thing you will need is a presence which has quality affiliate programs. For those new you may want to start with creating a presence which is targeted towards a long tailed keyword. The reason for this is new webmaster and bloggers will not be sure how to properly SEO a website. The more traffic a keyword has the more experience and skill the webmasters and bloggers ranking for the keyword will have. Some of the keywords which I found ranking not extremely difficult for are those in the get paid to read emails niche. This niche is getting a couple thousand monthly visitors per word. Some of the words getting the traffic include paid to read email, paid to read emails, and get paid to read email. If you would like to target this long tailed niche visit or and create a presence with the name “paying email” or “paid to read email”.

The next thing you will need is an affiliate program on the presence which you support. The affiliate program I have worked with for a few years is and is a free to join affiliate program that is easy to market. Placing the affiliate link or banner on your presence will not be enough. On the presence you will need to offer quality content which will attract visitors to your website. Internet marketing will also be key when trying to earn with affiliate marketing. Some of the basics include submitting articles to the top article directories and your new presence to the directories over at

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