So you think you want to operate your own online business. Pay attention closely. First things first. The way that makes money helping you create you own business is simple. If you like what you hear and you decide to click on one of the links below and you decide to join one of the programs we are promoting; will get a percentage of the money you spend with one of these business partners. Let’s say that that makes you uncomfortable but you still are interested in the companies we are promoting, leave our website and use your browser to search for the companies and go directly to their sites. We want to make money but we are not promoting these sites because we can make money. We are promoting these sites because we use them and we believe in them, period.

OK that’s our starting your own business intro.


Before you use any of these services, do your self a huge favor. Go to the IRS website and apply for a federal Tax ID #. If you are going to be in business there is no reason to fake it. You will need a federal Tax ID and any necessary State licenses. The federal Tax ID is free. If we wanted to we could offer you are service that would provide you with a federal Tax ID at cost and we could get a percentage of what you spend. We could even provide that service for you and charge what ever we want. Let me repeat that the federal Tax ID # is free. Go to the IRS website and just get it. If you never use it you loose nothing. Now State license fees differ. For the site you are on right now the state of Ohio required a fee for articles of organization and a vendor’s license to sell products. The fees totaled $125. Your state fees may be more they may be less.

Now… the services we are promoting admittedly are not black ownedBlack Owned. However none of them have any problem working with black owned businesses. Who knows maybe your business will, one day, rival one of these services. I know I hope that one day mine will.

First up we have World Wide Brands. If you want to sell products online, where are you going to get the products? Also, If you do not have enough up front cash to buy say 10,000 product to stock your online store how are you going to get started anyway. World Wide Brands offers a great solution to these questions. They have great Product Sourcing Research, Wholesale Scam Protection, Market Research Tools, and Product Sourcing Education. They can help you find manufactures and suppliers who will work with you even though you have next to no money. Seriously, World Wide Brands is your second stop in the process of the creation of your new business. The first step is your federal and state licenses. Click on the link to check out World Wide Brands. There is no obligation to buy but you have got to see what they are offering.

Second up we have Wix. The awesome thing about wix is that they allow you to build your website for free. Let me repeat that. They allow you to build your website for free. Wix lets you build the site for free and when your are ready to show your site to the world you can up grade you site to Wix premium which allows you use of their shopping cart feature and the ability to attach your own personal domain name which obviously gives your site a more professional presence. Wix is what you want to use if you want to create an incredible website at minimal cost. Seriously, Wix is your third stop in the process of the creation of your new business. The first step is your federal and state licenses. Click on the link to check out Wix. There is no obligation to buy but you must see what they are offering.

Third up we have PayPal. If you don’t already know about PayPal you must be new to the internet in general which is unlikely. There is not much to say about PayPal but that it allows you to accept credit card payments online for reasonable fees. There are many companies which provide this service. PayPal is well known and well trusted. It is a great place to begin you online payment transactions. You can also use PayPal in many cases to pay for the products you will sell. It is a great one stop shop to get you started in the online selling game.

Last but most definitely not least we have Home Base Learning Institute. To borrow their very own statement: Home Base Learning Institute strives to be the leading online eCommerce education institute worldwide, They are dedicated to offering students cost-effective, customized training and providing the resources and services essential to operating an eCommerce business successfully. HBLI teaches individuals how to setup a successful eCommerce business capable of generating profits. HBLI only employs qualified and experienced teachers on their panel of eCommerce experts. All Internet business training sessions are taught through live and interactive one-on-one webinars by eCommerce professionals. Here at African American Business we continue to work with HBLI to stay up to date on the most current online trends to make our business competitive and substantial. This is the best Ecommerce education you can find. Click on the link to check out HBLI. There is no obligation to buy but you need to see what they are offering.

We hope the information here has been and will continue to be helpful for you to add another black owned business to the diaspora. You don’t need luck. You need desire and knowledge.
And Finally, your next step is to go get you federal tax ID and you state licenses.
As an added bonus if you decide to use any or all of these services Black buying will give you free advertising or links to help promote your business. Just call or send and email to let us know what we can do to help you.

Gain realistic tips about earn money online – read the publication. The time has come when proper info is really within your reach, use this opportunity.

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