The recession has caused thousands if not millions to flock into the online business world. What this means for us who write each day in the hope that we will build readers, traffic, and links is we must work harder and harder to receive the same amount of money each month. No longer is there keywords that have not been taken over everyone is expanding their online presence and including the long tailed keywords. These are still much easier to rank well for compared to the general terms, but don’t expect to rank quickly and easy without work. In this day and age submitting to directories and doing other link building activities is ok, but to truly succeed you must be willing to write each and every day. Producing content is what will make the difference between success and failure.

Writing an article or two a week is ok, but if you really want to rise above your competition you must be willing to write more at the very least once daily. It may seem impossible to write this much, but if you write once a day for a few months writing each day will slowly become a habit and you will no longer think about the difficulty of writing each day. If you are into SEO then you know that building links will determine your placement in the SERPs. Creating articles can help build links in two ways the first being article marketing which is when you offer content and in return you will receive backlinks. The second is when you create truly great content it will be considered link bait which means you will not have to build links towards your web presence. This is the ultimate goal of every webmaster to create content which is good enough to be linked to without having to ask or give anything away.

Now talking about writing every day may sound pretty easy. Personally I have made pact after pact to write every single day at least an article, but after a month or two it is extremely easy to get sidetracked. This is why if you want to stick to your writing goals set up a schedule. Do not let anything interfere with your “writing time” since it will be what determines your success online. Stockpiling articles is also a great way to avoid emergencies meaning when something comes up which takes precedence over your blog or website you have articles in a folder on your computer which you can publish. The reason this is important is people will come to a presence expecting new and updated information so making sure that you have your presence constantly updated should be one of your biggest concerns.

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