Nowadays there are more and more Internet shops but not all from them are good enough and successful. And all is because not all from them correspond to requirements of “ideal” Internet shop. They can have the attractive design, the convenient interface, but absence of one or several necessary functions are capable to spoil all work of the project.
What are these necessary functions? We will try to understand this.

First of all, you should take care about confidentiality of your client. Your client should be assured that the personal data which you leave for him will be known only to you and anybody more. And it does not mean he should guess independently about your decency — all conditions should be accurately registered on your site. This text is the document both for him and for you.

Provide the client with the exhaustive information on the goods. Try to make so that the client doesn’t remain questions on functioning, cost, to the device of the goods and other aspects. Don’t forget about big enough (but not huge), the qualitative, evident image of the goods. The goods should look on him exactly as in a reality. Tell about goods terms of sale (for example, possibilities to take it on credit), delivery and service after purchase (a guarantee, return, replacement etc.)

By the way, let`s say some words about sale. In order to buy the client should order the goods at first. Take care of that it was easy for making and different ways. The person can be the beginner, he can be afraid not be able to order something in the Internet, in that case, he can familiarize with the goods, and to make the order in the habitual way, by phone. Take care as well of that the client could contact you and other ways —by using of e-mail, icq and in other ways. Also specify phone of helpful advices in order the client knew that at any moment he can attach with you for the help.

Payment. Concerning the payments you should have payment possibilities in any ways. Payment on delivery, transfer, WebMoney — all it you should provide and provide. All clients have different possibilities and preferences.

Provide the client with a guarantee. A quality assurance is unconditional but you can give to the client also a guarantee of his confidence that he will receive the money back if the goods don’t approach him or if he comes to malfunction, and also give a guarantee of that the goods can be exchanged for another. You should register it in the same way, as well as the information on confidentiality.

It, perhaps, are the key rules which need to be observed in order your Internet shop is functioned high-grade.

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