Do you have trouble getting people to leave comments on your blog posts? What do the comments really matter anyway? Well, they help your blog get to the top of Google because the search engines see it as being ‘busy’ and ‘the place to be’.

You may have a descent amount of visitors to your blog on a daily basis, but if you are wanting to climb Google rankings, you need to get not only views, but comments.

There is a brand new WordPress Plugin that lets you reward visitors when they leave comments on your posts. What is their incentive to leave their thoughts? Free digital gifts!

CLICK HERE to check out what the plugin is all about.

You can use the incentive plugin to build up loyalty and trust with your blog readers, and give them a REASON to join your conversation and keep coming back!

The plugin comes pre-loaded with 5 digital products so you can use this technology “out of the box” and have it setup within 5 minutes. It loads right into you WP blog.

If you want to take the time to setup your OWN gifts to give your visitors, that’s fine too, as WP Incentive is FULLY customizable!WP Incentive works for ANY niche, it’s NOT limited to the “Marketing Crowd”! Everyone loves a free gift! This means you can edit the messages and gifts ANY way you want and even determine how many more comments they need to make to earn the NEXT digital product at no cost – it’s up to you!

WP Incentive’s price will go up by at LEAST double on March 17th, so now is the time to take advantage of the dirt cheap pricing: (less than $10!)

CLICK HERE for more information.

I’m very impressed, and hope you are too! In fact, go ahead and comment and you will receive your first free digital product in your email inbox as proof this works 🙂

Talk Soon!

P.S. This products comes with an affiliate offer so that if someone likes getting your gifts for commenting, they can purchase it and you can earn 50% commission. They also have a 100% instant commission offer after you’ve joined. If you want to get 100% commissions instead of 50% like regular affiliates do, make sure you get the Hosted Reseller License too.


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