As the Internet as the global information system is in many respects regulated by natural economic laws, potentially it is capable to reduce pressure by original “alignments of possibilities” of the given environment. Nevertheless, owing to catastrophic shortage of the qualified experts observed now in the market in the field of Internet marketing, the economic precipice between consumers and manufacturers only steadily grows.

It is simply enough to imagine quite widespread situation at which the user wishes to get any goods on the Internet, for example, a portion of favourite pizza, however despite all made efforts he can’t find offers on its sale, or, having found out that he remains unsatisfied with the offered price or a method of realization of payment.

The return situation is even more probable: the enterprise creates a corporate web-site on purpose to present the goods or services to potential buyers, but, having put up in working out of this project money it doesn’t receive notable return from it.

The Internet expert in marketing can solve these and also many other problems.
At first sight it seems that conditions which have developed by the current moment with a practical combination of such concepts as “marketing” and “Internet” doesn’t give occasions to optimism. Nevertheless, it is far not so. Generalizing, it is possible to tell, the Worldnet offers the commercial enterprises mullions-strong consumer audience at floor price, otherwise, cost of a high-grade advertizing campaign with use the Internet on many usages is lower than with application of other advertizing carriers.
The Internet allows to automate completely process of service of potential clients, without excessive expenses giving them demanded service twenty four hours a day, seven days in week and three hundred sixty five days in a year.

The Internet does not only open before the enterprise possibility effectively to organize feedback with the consumer and to study operatively current demand but also flexibly to change own marketing plans and advertizing projects according to continuously changing economic situation.

The Internet is the irreplaceable tool for extraction of the fresh marketing information, repeatedly surpassing in this respect other traditional means, such as the press, television and radio, also it represents an optimum way of search of potential partners and investors, in particular – abroad, allowing to save at the international negotiations and correspondence.

And, at last, the Internet considerably reduces an overhead charge on advancement of the goods and services with preservation of demanded efficiency, and also provides sharp reduction of risk of capital investments doing this risk operated. It is necessary to know only how to realize all these vast prospects and to derive from them the greatest possible profit.

The authors of the majority of the publications placed today in the Internet reduce concept of Internet marketing only to advancement of any goods or services on the Internet or treat it even more narrowly: as advertizing in the Worldnet, or as exclusive advertizing banner.

Actually Internet marketing means the whole complex of the affiliated branches including not only banner advertizing and public relations but also techniques of carrying out of marketing researches on the Internet, in particular, studying of demand and consumer audience, development of algorithms of formation and maintenance of high efficiency of advertizing campaigns, ways of correct positioning of a trade mark in the market, and also many other things.

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