Are you feeling the stress that comes with too much month and not enough money? Well you’re not alone. Allow me to share a work at home opportunity I use to make extra money that allows us to have more fun in life.

Promoting E-books With Resale Rights

Ebooks, What Are Ebooks? Ebooks are simply books in digital format. What this means is these types of books may be looked at with your ebook reader, absolutely no printer necessary.

Unlike printed books you can use whatever viewer you want to not only read but to use search features to find specific info within the ebook. I can’t tell you how much time this one feature of ebooks. How cool is that.

Making Excellent Commission Selling Information Products

Clickbank is a digital product marketplace where digital product owners list their products. As an affiliate of Clickbank or PayDotCom you can earn great commissions selling digital products, now that’s way cool.

Ebooks Are Win-Win For both Parties

Selling books would mean sending products through the mail, snail mail but ebooks are digital and can be delivered electronically and immediately after the purchase. This means you get payment immediately and they get their product sent to their email account or as a direct download.

When Promoting Not All Ebook Sites Are Equal

I buy and promote ebooks from only two places today because I know I will always get a refund if I ask. I haven’t been so blessed using other sites. The first ebook marketplace is Clickbank Marketplace my next choice is PayDotCom.

Two reasons why I prefer using Clickbank and PayDotCom.

1. I can promote and make money without ever purchasing the product I want to promote, although I advise people to purchase ebooks they want to sell so they have the inside scoop and will be able to produce much better content the converts your visitors into sales.

2. Requesting a refund and getting it are two different things. When I purchase from Clickbank or PayDotCom I know I will have no problem getting a refund if I feel the need. The refunds are usually within about 48 hours so I can look for something else to promote.

Make Money With Ebooks With Resell Rights In Your Spare Time

You know understand the work from opportunity ebooks are so it’s up to you to decide if you want to give ebook resell rights a try. I quite often use ebooks to learn how to do something and then once I have learned I turn around and start reselling the ebook.

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