Internet marketing is all about given, but not getting. As well internet marketing uses the networking capabilities of the internet by leveraging affiliate marketing, online community activities, linking, email marketing, viral marketing as well as loyalty programs.

In fact, internet marketing is best suited for the following:

– Services and products that need a lot of information as traveling

– Services and products that are bought by the online demographics.

Internet advertising does not have the same impact as glossy media or TV due to bandwidth restriction. According recent researches the majority of internet users avoid interactive advertisements only because they take a lot of time to download. The actual power of internet advertising is in its ability to reach target markets just the proper consumers with the proper product. Successful advertising is required by opt in email marketing where online consumers request info on a certain service or product.

The main purpose of the internet marketing has to be to integrate it into the common marketing strategy. Internet marketing has to support offline marketing activities. The website has to provide the comprehensive information about the services and products that company offers. However it is necessary to remember that people are not coming to your website just to read the same information again.

All the consumers have to actively decide to go to a website, however with email they join a database in which they could be regularly informed of services, products and offers that the company has to offer its consumers. In fact, the key to email marketing success is to get people who want the info to join a database. As well, it is necessary that the information they receive is of the quality and type they signed up to get.

Linking is considered to be one of the simplest, but at the same time the most effective internet marketing devices. Linking could be compared to the work of mouth. In its turn, viral marketing is an internet effect whereby groups of consumers create a lot of talks about a certain services or products by emailing friends or creating their own websites.

However, there are some common mistakes in internet marketing as in any other type of marketing:

– You have to remember that on the internet people do not care much about the graphics. All they need is information. And thus, you have to keep to an absolute minimum the use of flash animation, audio and video information.

– In the internet marketing you have to be focused on volume of visitors instead of quality targeting. In the beginning of the internet era, there was a rush to generate web traffic to a website without any real focus on such issues as revenue per visitor and number who joined database.

Any web site needs to get internet marketing. Find out how many people are building traffic from search engines today – this is part of IM strategy for successful site owners shown on this site.

And once you have nice targeted traffic – then “free traffic” questions become very easy.

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