My name is James McKenzie from Hardeeville, South Carolina with my wife Florine, and son Mike. After high school graduation in June 1963 at the age of 17 I was moving to New York City not knowing what to expect upon my arrival. To my surprise other than being home sick for a short period of time everything was very good.

The biggest disappointment in my life came about two and a half years later when I got drafted into U. S. Army on November 24th 1965 Thanksgiving Eve, meaning my Thanksgiving dinner was at Fort Jackson (Columbia, S. C.) not what I expected. After a week or so here at Fort Jackson getting inducted into the army, and I was on my way to Fort Gordon (Augusta, Ga.) for eight weeks of basic training. This is when I found out what real men are made out off and what the word discipline really meant, it was a hard brutal eight weeks but I made it through it all.

After a tour of duty in Vietnam June 1966 – June 1967 and my end term of service from the army in November 1967, it was back to the (big apple) New York where it all started two years earlier.

Its an experience that no one can give or take away from you, something that you have to live for yourself. A short time later I met Florine Beckles, dated and got married and she is the mother of my two sons, Marc and Mike.

I’ve been in network marketing for 6 years and knowing absolutely nothing about the industry in the beginning stages, lost thousands of dollars, only to find out later that it was only one of those get rich quick programs that only the owners benefited from and got rich.

Fortunately I found this wonderful wealth builders club that teaches you how to make money online, taking you through the whole process. I found out that there is no short cut when it comes to being successful in network marketing.

I have found that the someone who wants to be successful will endure and is willing to work for it, and has the necessary support, they can achieve it.

Today I’m a proud member of Wealth Creations Network mentoring others to fulfill their goals, dreams and enjoy life at its best. This wealth builders club provides you with the skills that you need to earn an income from the comfort of your home at ZERO COST TO YOU, yes its absolutely FREE and we will never ask you for a single red cent out of your pocket.

WCN provides you with all the support you need to get you on the right path to earn a monthly passive residual income for a life time. Wealth Creations Network is a team that provides every member with the tools to become successful on the Internet.

What I like most of all about Wealth Creations Nertwork is that you do not have to annoy family members, friends and other relatives to join your organization. You do not need a down line of hundreds of people, all you need is six members in your down line and you will begin to make money online fast with integrity, no products to sell or anything to store in your house or storage bins.

Success is in your future, failure is not an option because the team is more than willing to give you all you need to move forward with dignity.

My desire is for you to succeed without being enticed by all the hype and get rich quick schemes that are a dime a dozen every day of the week. Join us today and follow your dream and live the life you desire and the lives of your love ones.

Get the marketing skills that you need from the best club on the internet and earn the dollars that you always dreamed of making. Do not be deceived or misled any longer, remember that success comes in pieces not in chunks like you have been told.

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