Many times people get so caught up in the fast pace of today and forget to pursue their life dreams. When you were a child, did you not fantasize about what you would like to do or who you would like to become when you grew up? Of course, we all do as a child. But something happens about the time we go off to college, start working a job, or get married. We forget to dream! We get stuck in the rut of just surviving.

The dictionary says a dream is the pictures or events in the mind. A dream can be compared to raising a crop (I grew up on a farm). First the seed must be planted in the right kind of soil – it needs a positive mental attitude. Once the seed sprouts, it starts sending out roots that grab ahold and let us see the pictures and events we want to take place in our lives. Then we must tend to it by watering it and keeping the weeds out – reading books and listening to CDs that that empower us to move forward with that dream. But the most beautiful stage is harvest time – no matter whether it is the reaping of the actual crop or of the dream we have pictured in our minds coming true!

It is so easy to let other people determine our path through life. Why? It’s less effort – the path of least resistance. If someone tells us we can’t do something or that it would be too difficult, it is so easy to just say “okay” or “you’re right”. But the person with the dream will have the attitude that “no mountain is too high” or “I will just show you”. If you have a dream, pursue it! Don’t let others determine where you will end up in life. YOU write your chapters, and YOU write your book.

Live with Fulfillment,
Serve with Passion &
Die with NO REGRETS!

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