There are many ways you can start a simple presence and create an online business. The first thing you will need to do is find a quality host that will provide you with your main presence where you will earn money online. This will be where the majority of your work will be and everything you create outside should be linked towards this main presence. I highly recommend using a blogging platform since updating and content creation is pretty much automated. You can have static pages mixed with constant content updating which will help your presence rank well within Google and the other major search engines. If you are willing to put in thousands of hours of work over the course of a few years then it is imperative you purchase unlimited hosting. The reason for this is free hosts such as or have limits on storage and bandwidth. When choosing a hosting company make sure they have truly unlimited hosting for a reasonable host. I don’t recommend paying over ten dollars per month for a host.

Once you have a quality host that will be the server of your main presence the next step is creation an optimized presence. Optimization is extremely important from the very first part of your presence to the success of your online business. You will need to pick keywords and go after them. There are many different ways you can attack keywords. One of the most common ways of optimization is attacking the long tailed version then once ranking well for this version going after the generic term. One good example is if you are going after a term such as “paid to read email” it would be a good idea to first go after a term such as “get paid to read email” then once you rank on the first page for the long tailed version go after the generic paid to read email. This of course is only one view many have gone straight after the version of the term which was difficult with success.

When trying to figure out what terms to go after the tool which is mandatory is Google Adwords Keyword Tool which you can find by doing a quick Google search. Type in any term into this tool and it will bring up the monthly traffic. Usually you can gage the amount of competition by the amount of traffic. Anything under 10k monthly searches will be low competition, traffic between 10k and 50k will have moderate competition and everything above 50k monthly searches will be highly competitive. When you have more competition it will mean more time working before you can reach the top page. Highly targeted terms will take years before you reach the top so focus on less competitive terms in the beginning.

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