Initially there were no earnings in the Internet. The given network was created absolutely for other purposes and at all not for what it is used now.

But the present businessmen could turn concept of a global web for the simple user. Now everybody earns in the Internet, both the companies, firms, the organizations, individual businessmen, and the ordinary citizens who do not have special documents for fixing incomes…

I.e. at first it is necessary to look at earnings on the Internet under a correct corner – from the observer part of this process.

Very simple way to make it is to follow as an example work of any firm selling the goods or rendering services.

Give announcements, receive calls, conduct work with clients, and as a result, each employee of the organization receives the earnings.

As well as in a usual city, commercial activity on the Internet is based on advertizing and sale of the goods and services.

But in a network the information goods are more often used than physical.

The most widespread point of view of the person on possibility of the earnings Internet is under absolutely other plane of understanding of this process.

If even someone advises you personally, he all the same won’t do it free of charge as the given subjects are commercial.

And in the business given online it is important to understand a parity of your training and your earnings.

It consists in the following:

Having studied one complex of techniques – to put it sometimes into practice.

That does earnings on the Internet inaccessible to some people, so this is abundance of the training information!

It simply isn’t necessary. In half a year of 90 % of all information saved up by you will be unimportant for you.

But actually it is uneasy to find “that” recipe of Internet earnings.

To distinguish a useful information resource from opposite actually is very simple, for this purpose it is necessary to realize “the earnings scheme on the Internet”.

Not a technique, and not a way, and the base scheme of interaction of Internet users and paid services of the concrete person.

There is a uniform reason on which the majority of people come to the Internet, it is the information.

If you create the complex information resource giving answers to inquiries of users you can render them of service in data acquisition of knowledge as free of charge and for money.

Thus people with “commercial mentality” have thought up a lot of ways of a monetization of such resource. You can earn on the site, the mailing, the training course and even personal paid consultations. Even visitors of your site simply click announcements interesting to them.

You don’t need to search for the teacher who will show you the necessary road, you simply should create the information resource

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And once you have nice traffic – then “get website traffic” questions become very easy.

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