Marketing is a process. Internet marketing is no exception to this rule. It is more than just writing an article, submitting it online, and sitting back waiting for the calls to roll in. Not all forms of internet marketing are effective, and not all internet marketing campaigns drive your sales up. Insert these five techniques in all of your marketing materials and campaigns to see how effective marketing can boost your business.

1. Start at the beginning. It all starts with an eye-catching, attention-grabbing headline. Whether you are writing an online article or creating a banner ad, if your headline does not grab the attention of the reader, no matter how great what you have to say is, they will never know because they will never read it.

2. Content must deliver. A great headline may draw the reader in, but the rest of the content has to deliver what it promises. You have 30 seconds of the reader’s time to convince them that the content is worth their time. A few ways to help deliver convincing content is:

– Short and concise paragraphs

– Useful information

– Using facts and statistics to backup what you’re saying

– Sub-headlines that break up the text and add meaning

– Not using too many links that distract the reader

3. Speak on their level. Most internet users are very savvy when it comes to navigating the online world. Use this to your advantage and speak to them at their level. You do not have to spend too much time explaining terms or concepts that they already know. Cover topics that build on what they know and position you as an expert that can carry them into the future.

4. Stay on topic. Effective marketing requires content that stays on point and does not go off on a tangent. If you are writing a how-to article on making organic food for dogs, do not talk about organic pesticides for two paragraphs. While your readers may have an interest in reading a separate article on this topic, that is not what they are reading the current content to discover. It is necessary to stay focused on the topic.

5. Accuracy is imperative. If you have an article filled with spelling errors, it eliminates your credibility in the mind of the reader. If you state a statistic or fact, be sure that you have obtained this information from a reliable and current source. What was true in the middle of 1990s may no longer apply to what is happening today. Make sure you can back up what you are saying.

Implement these five techniques in your next marketing push – be it online articles or your next e-newsletter. Tally the results over time to see how your business is boosted when you use effective internet marketing techniques.

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