If you are starting internet marketing business, then the very first thing that you need to do is to become familiar with the internet marketing terminology because this type of business as anything in the world has its own language with thousands of various terms and abbreviations in order to describe the most common practices and systems. Below you will find the description of the most common internet marketing terms.

– Joint ventures

It is the coming together of two marketers for promoting a service or product. For instant, internet marketer X has an item that he wants to sell and there is an internet marketer Y who has a mailing list that he thinks could be interested in X’s item. And thus, they could conduct a joint venture where Y tells his mailing list about X’s item and sales made from that mailing list are split between the two internet marketers.

– Mailing list

It is a group of people who have given an internet marketer a permission to email them their email newsletters or probably with special offers and promotions. Traditionally, subscribers opt in through online form and then confirm their subscription at their email address. When the users have opted in, the list owner will be able to email them and it will not be considered as spam because they have agreed to be emailed by a particular internet marketer. All the users have an opportunity to opt out of the mailing list at absolutely any time. Today almost all internet marketers have an opt pout link at the bottom of their emails.

– EBook

EBook is nothing more than just an electronic book that is written by someone and sold on the internet or given away. EBooks could be written on absolutely any topic you could think of. They have become extremely popular among internet marketers as they are relatively simple to create. Today eBooks could be written in the text format and be converted to PDF or as exe file or as a program. As eBooks are digital, there is no delivery cost while unlimited supply.

– Niche marketing

It refers to marketing within a specific niche. Internet marketers identify the niche that is profitable and then target the group of customers related to that niche. Traditionally, niche marketing includes small sites dedicated to the niche that has been selected, the building of niche websites because it could be profitable through pay per click advertising.

– Pay per click

It is a form of the online advertising where the advertiser pays a certain cost for every click of their advert.

For sure, these are just some of the terms that are used in the internet marketing, but these are the most common ones.

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