In the course of transition of the developed countries to postindustrial economy and to an information society was generated the information sector of the economy which basic component is the information industry.

Transition of mankind from an industrial society to the information is characterized by change of industrial technological basis with the information. On change of raw materials and energy information technology a technological basis of the information industry comes which major resources are the information and knowledge.

In the information industry creative activity is dominating in manufacture of the blessings. The human intelligence becomes the main productive force thanks to which the intellectual product is created, i.e. a creative activity product is information, instead of the material product.

Cardinally the role and a place of the person in economy change. The creative person becomes the main productive force since only he is capable to make new knowledge and the information – the main resource of information economy. Thus, on change to industrial economy the information economy comes, i.e. the new economy based on the information and knowledge comes.

Information economy is economy in which the most part of a total internal product is provided with activity on manufacture, storage and distribution of the information and knowledge.

One of perspective directions in information economy is the network economy or Internet economy (virtual economy). Development of information and telecommunication technologies was generated environment for economic activities in the Internet, and development of an infrastructure of a global network by the Internet and Internet commercialization have led to changes of ways of business dealing and occurrence of the electronic market based on principles of network economy.
Network economy is the economic activities which are carried out by means of electronic networks (digital telecommunications). Technologically network economy represents environment in which legal and physical persons can contact among themselves concerning joint activity.

The network economy is the economic activity which is based on horizontal (direct) long communications between all participants of joint activity in the information-communication environment of a network the Internet.

It is the new form of government which differs from the market and centralized form of government economic activities. The network economy can exist only in computer networks. It is basis for the electronic business which basic component is electronic commerce.

Unlike industrial economy which is national on the scale, the network economy has global character that essentially expands number of suppliers, customers, partners and competitors. Today commercial activity in the Internet became accessible to everybody. For example, direct sale of the goods to directly consumers in a network the Internet, instead of through intermediaries, represents new model of business dealing.

In the conditions of network economy of operation are carried out in electronic form that leads to creation of virtual mutual relations between business partners and other subjects of the virtual market.

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